Two pearl colours added to IKU Chip

IKU Chip are presently sold in 7 colours in accordance with the users' desires. The new model, Net Grass Phone has two IKU Chip sockets, to meet more complex sexual tastes. Select one colour out of the 7 colours that already exists and plug it into one end, and choose from the new colours of either Pearl White or Pearl Black and plug it into the other.
The systemshows that the political taste of the user is reflected in the user's sexual taste. Those who think they are conservative should choose Pearl White, while those who think they are innovative should choose Pearl Black. Delicate orgasm data that suit each user can be decoded. Two socket Net Grass Phones can be used with one IKU Chip like before. In order to answer to various fractional pleasures of the users, IKU Chips will continuously be developed and put to sale.

IKU Chip promotion film IKU will be released in Italy via Genom Corporation.Feature promotion film IKU made for promoting sales of IKU chips, gained attention for its high entertainment quality. The promotion video will be exceptionally released in film theaters in Italy. The film company that purchased the film is MONACO INTERNATIONAL which sells videos of KITANO Takeshi's "Sono Otoko Kyobo ni Tsuki."