In 2014, creators of GENOM Corporation, Asami Takashina and Taiichi Kaiyo meet as trainee classmates of Gataka Japan Corporation, a space development corporation. The same year, the Liberal Democratic Party suffered a crushing defeat in the House of Representative Elections, resulting the Liberal Future Party and the Green Party to take over a coalition government. In effect, Mitsuba Pharmaceutical Co. took over Seika Mitsuba Pharmaceutical Co., a supporter of the Liberal Democratic Party, with roles to supply goods to the Ministry of Space Development and its relating companies. As a result, there was a change in methods to illness probability rate checks via DNA. Although the two passed the test at Seika, they failed the newly established test at Mitsuba. They were branded "unqualified," and their dreams towards space were destroyed.
Meanwhile, in the 2010s outer space was being considered as a new land for human beings, due to the aggravating of the earth's environment. Many replicants were sent to space to undergo dangerous operations to open up the new land. These replicants were made exactly the same as humans, so that they can bear long hours of outer space work in cooperation with human beings. However, reclamation of space involved many difficulties, including its exceedingly high costs. As a result, many projects had to be canceled. Therefore, a lot of replicants were returned to earth in middle of their assignment in outer space.
After quitting Gataka Japan Corporation, both Asami Takashina and Taiichi Kaiyo spent every night at the bar "GENOM," where retired replicants also gathered. This coincidental encounter of two men who failed in becoming astronauts and 7 replicants, became the start of GENOM Corporation.
They first started out in an elderly nursing business which was facing a standstill due to the lack of funds from the government, and the high cost in personnel expenditure. Japan was facing a massive population of people in the advanced age, so there was a wide market for the elderly nursing business. But the major companies did not intrude on this business realm, due to a major national firm that went bankrupt in 2004 for putting too much money into the field of elderly nursing business.
Takashina came up with the idea of using replicants for nursing the elderly, which is a far easier task than working in outer space.
Replicants made in this period were modeled under the concept of "1/f healing," so that they may undergo complex forefront operations as well as communicate with humans in a small restricted area of a space station.
Sharp looking replicants were not so common then, and Takashina and Kaiyo made an agreement with 7 replicants who had looks that were likely to be preferred by the elderly, to start this business of elderly nursing.

This elderly nursing business was a great success. However, soon there were many news of elderly men raping replicants reported to the office. Genom Corporation had underestimated sexual desires of the elderly, and were unable to cope with the continuous report on replicant rapes. However, Takashina thought of a business that would make the most of this situation. He took the raped replicants to Saito Orthopedic Surgery where he had them beautifully operated. He then used them to start a new business of having these replicants as sex workers if the clent payed additional costs. This service did not break the rules of the Anti-Prostitution-Act, for it was machines vs. humans that was put to question, and this special service lead them to create an enterprise of legal prostitution. Also, in 2018, a space development project run by a major French firm, turned bankrupt and a lot of replicants lost their jobs and headed for New Tokyo. A lot of these replicants, both male and female, made contract with Genom Corporation receiving a beauty surgery in accordance with the customer's need and taste. Genom would at times even tie up with Hollywood and a major Orthopedic Surgery of Paris, leading them to create a national enterprise of legal sex replicant workers.
Replicants were created to survive harsh environments of outer space, so it was very rare that they broke down or made any complaints. In 2019, Genom Corporation started a stream of 24 hour continuous live show featuring sex replicant workers, on the Broad Band Internet. The 24 hour full live show brought users who were sick of virtual worlds, back to Internet streaming. A variety of interactive ideas were incorporated in the program, including a function enabling mutual conversation between users and actors. Genom Corporation made replicants with exactly the same looks as idol replicants in the program, and used them as sex workers. The idea of having a real sexy idol replicant in bed, exceeded the concept of "interactive," and the new business obviously created a great success.
However, there was no guarantee that this success would last forever. Fewer replicants were returning from space, and surgery fee and maintenance of the replicants were resulting high costs. Further costs were also needed in accordance with the replicants' deterioration.
Takashina and Kayo both had regrets of not being able to fly to space, because of their DNA. Perhaps it was because of this reason that Genom Corporation, basically made up of "unqualified people," eventually started to invest on Genom Technology related firms after it developed into a large corporation with large amount of money to spend. The newly developed business put Genom technology into practice, sending sexual pleasure signals directly to the brain. Formerly, sexual pleasure was formed through physical friction. If it was possible to analyze the life program where species are passed onto future generations, and people were guided to sexual pleasure by sending data to the level of DNA where reproduction and pleasure lies, there will no doubt be a huge demand for this kind of data. In addition, unlike chemical drugs, there was no poisonous substances included. Anyone who had normally abilities to control sexual desire as humans, could used this data. Also, this data overcomed impotent and frigidity, because pleasure signals were sent directly to the brain. In fact, it was a pleasure business that could be applied to all humans. This business called the "IKU Project," became the main business of Genom Corporation of the next generation.